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Alliance Environmental Services

Soil Sludge and Water Removal

Alliance Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in innovative techniques to remediate contaminated soil, sludge, or water on both small and large sites. The solutions we offer are cost-effective, highly efficient, and convenient.

We can remediate contaminated soil by treatment, bio-remediation, thermal, and/or through excavation, removal, and proper disposal.

Many contaminants in soils can be stabilized by treatment methods. Technical treatments will often convert soil from an RCRA to a Non-RCRA hazardous waste classification, and sometimes to even non-detect status, which in turn will greatly reduce disposal costs to the client. Many methods offer significant convenience to our clients with no excavation or removal expenses and greatly reduced remediation completion times.

Some of our services:

  • Remedial actions: Excavation, transport and disposal

  • In-situ and ex-situ actions onsite and offsite 

  • Treatment, stabilization, bio-remediation and thermal de-absorption

  • Comprehensive soil contamination assessment

  • Permitting and profiling of waste

  • Stabilization and solidification

  • Protective capping, containment and encapsulation

  • Soil vapor and multiphase extraction

  • Groundwater extraction and treatment

  • Contaminated sludge pumping, dewater and disposal

  • Spill containment and clean up

  • Soil venting and washing

  • Mobile treatment systems

  • 24-hour services available

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