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Alliance Environmental Services

Site Assessment, Investigation and Remediation  Services

Alliance Environmental Services, Inc. conducts assessments of possible environmental and hazardous waste issues to eliminate safety risks and the possibility for litigation for our clients. We conduct thorough investigations using state of the art sampling equipment and techniques. Our expertise gives us the ability to assess the site and  complete an  evaluation in order to recommend the most cost-effective mitigation measures.


We conduct contaminated remediation activities using standard remediation procedures;as well as alternative techniques and environmental friendly methods. We have completed hundreds of remediation projects on homes, offices, and large-scale industrial complexes.


Our staff of professionals receives up to date specialized training and has the certifications and licenses required to complete any remedial project you need, large or small.

Some of our services:

  • Environmental and hazardous waste surveys and reports

  • Sampling, analytical and laboratory services

  • Air, water and soil testing and compliance

  • Contaminated site, material and waste characterization

  • Field and technical labor services

  • Chemical lab packing, removal and disposal

  • Illicit/illegal drug lab assessment, testing and remediation

  • Remediation/cleanup of contaminated sites and buildings

  • Identification of unknown chemicals and/or waste (field or laboratory)

  • Emergency chemical spill or release assessment, containment and remediation (24 hr on-call service)

  • Waste minimization and spill prevention planning

  • Environmental consulting

  • Regulatory and permitting assistance

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