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Alliance Environmental Services

Hazardous Waste Services

Alliance Environmental Services, Inc. offers a single source integrated hazardous waste management plan designed to handle your waste and waste stream(s) full cycle, from characterization and packaging to final legal to proper disposal or recycling.Our hazardous waste management procedures involve complex tasks requiring strict attention to waste minimization, reduction, recycling or recovery, and current land restrictions.

We can meet almost any client’s waste disposal requirements, including but not limited to, RCRA waste, used oil and oil products, PCB, wastes requiring incineration, waste water, and recycling.

Some of our services:

  • Hazardous waste removal

  • Waste characterization (testing, sampling and laboratory analysis by a certified lab)

  • Solids, sludge and liquid waste materials

  • Drummed and bulk waste materials

  • Recovery pit, tank and sump waste materials

  • Chemical lab packaging

  • Assessment, testing and remediation of waste products, material or waste chemicals

  • Hydro-excavation

  • Spill and disaster emergency response

  • Field identification of unknown waste (HazCat)

  • Mold abatement consulting, testing, removal, and remediation

  • Field sampling and analytical services

  • Trucking and transport of waste materials

  • Soil boring, drilling and sampling

Asbestos abatement consulting, testing, removal, and remediation.

Certified Asbestos Contractor. DOSH #1090-

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