COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Services IN CALIFORNIA, UTAH, IDAHO, MONTANA & WYOMING

We are Certified, Licensed and Insured COvid-19 Professionals

Alliance Hazmat is a licensed, certified and fully insured disinfection and sanitizing company based in a Chico and serving the entire Northeast area. We possess over 20 years of extensive hands on experience dealing with biological contaminants and have a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are OSHA and IICRC certified and rigorously follow all the up-to-date CDC, EPA and OSHA guidelines, regulations and standards. No matter what the task is, we always strictly adhering to all local, state and federal government requirements.

Our Whole-Space COVID CLEANING Approach

A key to a successful virus disinfection is to have a well thought out decontamination strategy prior starting the sanitizing process. Depending on your specific requirements and specifications, we will come up with individual service plan that we will then follow to a tee.

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